Request to Inspect and/or Copy Public Records

For documents requested through Access to Public Records, please see the documents tab.

Policies and Procedures regarding Access to Public Records Maintained by the Department of Administration and the Division of Purchases (Revised August 28, 2012)

The Access to Public Records Act (“Act”) contained in RIGL section 38-2-1 et seq., requires public agencies to provide access to certain public records.  These public records, together with exclusions, cost for obtaining and response deadlines are more fully described in the Act. 

In accordance with the Act, the Department of Administration (“Department”) has adopted policies and procedures to assist the public in making requests for records possessed by the Department and the Division of Purchases.  Because of legislative enactments that took place in June 2012, the Department has modified its Policies and Procedures. 

The modified documents described below may be electronically accessed:

If you have any questions about the above described documents or the process for accessing a public record that is maintained by the Department of Administration, you should contact the Department’s Public Records Officer by calling 401-222-8880, by sending a fax to 401-222-8244 or by sending an email to  Additional contact information is contained in the Policies and Procedures at Section Four Paragraph (C). If you have any questions about accessing a record that is maintained by the Division of Purchases, contact the Division of Purchases, by calling 401-574-8100 or by sending a fax to 401-574-8387.