United Way of Rhode Island

2023 State Employee Annual Giving Campaign

Chairman Terry Gray, Director RI Department of Environmental Management


State employees come together every year to help our neighbors by giving to the RI State Employee Annual Giving Campaign. You can make a one-time gift or regular payroll deduction to support the thousands of RI non-profit organizations that are working for all Rhode Islanders.

Donating is easy

You can make a one-time donation or arrange for a payroll deduction, so that your giving continues throughout the year. As little as a dollar per pay period translates into meaningful support over time.

You choose where your money goes

On the campaign portal, https://uwriweb.org/RIstate, you can search the database for your favorite charity. There’s even a write-in option.

You can also choose to donate to one of two ready-made funds:

  • United Way’s Community Impact Fund: United Way has integrated our sub-funds for 211, Basic Needs, and Education for All into our overarching Community Impact Fund. The Community Impact Fund supports UWRI’s mission uniting our community and resources to build racial equity and opportunities for all Rhode Islanders. This fund supports people in need through grants to local programs and nonprofits, helping Rhode Islanders gain the skills they need to achieve financial stability, move from chronic homelessness to stable and affordable housing, receive high-quality educational experiences, and, in the event of a crisis, get connected to essential services through United Way 211 in Rhode Island. It also invests in early childhood education, afterschool programs, and summer programs all designed to make sure that children are ready for college or careers.

  • Fund for Women United: UWRI’s Women United brings women together through philanthropy, volunteerism, and community leadership to help close the gaps in childhood literacy.

Support your community

Thousands of Rhode Islanders come together as United Way of Rhode Island’s Impact Network. Each year they give gifts of all sizes to United Way’s Community Impact Fund because they see a future where every individual in each community has equal opportunity for justice and prosperity. The members of the Impact Network leverage their gifts with their voices and talents to build a stronger Rhode Island. Donating now not only provides help when it is most needed, but it also feels great to give back.

Every Rhode Islander. One United Way.

Here’s why we need your help this year.


United Way's 10,000+ donors include teachers, union workers, government employees, and corporate staff who give what they can from their paychecks. And each and every one of them is making a difference. Here's why some have pledged to support our mission. (See full list.)